"Sarah is full of empathy and professionalism. When I met her for the first time the amount of thoughts and level of self-criticism I had was enormous. To escape from this I was doing a lot, reading a lot … I was chasing my own tail. She has challenged me to start being kind and compassionate to myself, to listen. I believe that I have come from being a loud person that wants to prove something to the world, to becoming my own friend who has just started a journey towards finding of what ‘I want’. Sarah helped me to start this. When I thought that I have done everything I could, she showed me a different way.  If you think you are at the same point, that nothing can be done & you reached the wall … Sarah is the light in a tunnel!"  Justyna K

"Sarah helped me identify that my reaction to negative voice is the biggest obstacle in my life.Before the coaching sessions with Sarah, I was living with persistent negative voices in my head. I felt that I have finally become an adult living my own life. Six months on, I now feel more confident and less affected by surrounding people. I am generally happier and more grounded. I feel I can say what I need to say without worrying about others’ reactions too much. I am free and safe. Life is good. Prior to the coaching sessions, I didn’t know anything about them, but my instinct said the outcome would be positive. As always, my instinct was absolutely right!" Yuko O